I really liked this. So often I go out of my way to get the attention of people that never give me a second thought. Why am I so interested in them if they don't respect me and take me for granted. The people that want to be in your life just will be, don't... Continue Reading →


Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide prevention week, what does it mean to me? As some of you may know from my early posts I lost my mam to suicide when I was a teenager, a dull pain I’ve had to carry around with me for many years. Although I have learned to live with it and move forward with... Continue Reading →

The Sneeze

As the unpredictable Irish weather kicks in to autumn and we wave a meloncony farewell to the brief summer we were given I feel as though everything is finally back to normal. The school kids are back in their uniforms filling the buses until the driver is forced to pass stops and leave people standing... Continue Reading →

Difficult Choice

I had an opportunity for promotion outside of my department recently, it wasn’t much more pay but it was the first step on to the management level. One small problem with this job was it was a bit out of the way, it added an extra hour each way on to my travel time so... Continue Reading →

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