Pay it forward

A simple scent can unlease a world of memories I got this perfume gift set as a Christmas present from my boyfriends grandmother a year or two ago. A sweet gift and very thoughtful of her to think of me at Christmas time however I'm sure unbeknownst to her it was actually such a sentimental... Continue Reading →

Fuel for Thought

A friend of mine once said that each and every day can capture a beautiful moment. No matter where you are or what you are doing there is pure beauty to be found… Be it through peaceful scenery on a fresh walk, the laughter made between friends and families, so many things can open ours... Continue Reading →


On more than a few occasions now my boyfriend has treated me to his fantastic culinary skills. His way of cooking is like none other I’ve have seen before, he allows his taste buds to be the recipe. No scales, no idea or plan, no notion of what exactly he should be doing, just his... Continue Reading →

Tragedy, why

Anger, sadness and fear. All of the things that I felt this morning waking up to the horrific news of an explosion at a concert in Manchester. A concert mainly attended by children, whilst I felt so many different emotions this morning unfortunately surprise or shock was not one of them. There have been so many... Continue Reading →

One Month Anniversary

Well, I got an email this morning from WordPress to let me know that today is my One Month Blogging Anniversary! YAY! So I thought it would be fitting to talk about a couple of things I have learned on this fascinating journey... Things I’ve learned since I started blogging • Posts need to be... Continue Reading →

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