Sometimes people ask me how I am okay and maybe they think that because my mam had depression and took her life that I might be the same. There are so many misconceptions of what depression is and how it works, it’s not contagious and you can’t get it through other people… Yes of course... Continue Reading →


Motivation Monday

Never try to be anyone else for other people. Be yourself and be happy with everything you are. Be true, love you and others will too!!!

For My Friend

A young boy when I met him Some said slightly rough indeed Never did I question As he was always nice to me The years moved on so quickly And a man he did become With a hidden heart of kindness Though he treated himself with none A man he was yet still too young... Continue Reading →


One thing I love to do at the weekend is something different and this weekend really fulfilled that. My boyfriend is in to his cars and his is a part of the Irish Subaru Drivers Club. This Sunday they were a feature club at Japfest in Mondello Park and their cars were displayed to the... Continue Reading →


I really liked this. So often I go out of my way to get the attention of people that never give me a second thought. Why am I so interested in them if they don't respect me and take me for granted. The people that want to be in your life just will be, don't... Continue Reading →

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