Wow how do you plan a wedding

AS you guys know I got engaged over the Christmas and we have actually set a date for early next year. Now with that date being a year away I thought I could relax and ease in to things but boy was I wrong I made some casual calls to bands and photographers who urge... Continue Reading →


Chicken and Mushroom Pie (4 servings)

OH YUM Just look at that Amazing chicken and mushroom pie in the picture there…. Did you see it did you see at how yummy it looks??!! Not only is this pie incredible to eat it’s also pretty simple to make! Wanna find out how I do it? Well alrightie then, keep on reading!!! INGREDIENTS:... Continue Reading →


One thing I love to do at the weekend is something different and this weekend really fulfilled that. My boyfriend is in to his cars and his is a part of the Irish Subaru Drivers Club. This Sunday they were a feature club at Japfest in Mondello Park and their cars were displayed to the... Continue Reading →


Coming from Ireland there are a few things that we don’t know exist straight away and are maybe a little behind the times, so on that note just recently I was introduced to an amazing show called The Real. Well it is in its 4th season and oh man are these girls some of the... Continue Reading →

Hotel Centro Torremolinos

I recently went to Torremolinos for a four day holiday. What a fantastic break! We booked our hotel a few weeks before we went and at such a great deal we weren’t expecting much, however, in the coming days up to our arrival date I read the reviews online for the hotel. Well this left... Continue Reading →


As I grow older some of my interests seem to have changed for example when I was younger I used to love sitting down and binge watching almost any reality TV show from Jersey Shore to Keeping up with the Kardashians and everything in between. Although in the last few years such shows as these... Continue Reading →

Book Review!!!

I’m doing a book review... Why you may ask? Because for the first time in as long as I can remember I picked up a book and literally could not put it down. From start to finish I was hooked, I mean zombie like engrossed in the written word from someone who’s humour knows no... Continue Reading →

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