Benefits of Cycling

I will be the first to admit that I don’t dedicate enough time to exercise, I’m just not one of the those people that likes going to the gym on a daily basis or doing classes in an over packed room. Somehow I manage to maintain a good healthy weight even through my binge eating... Continue Reading →

Just shut it off

One thing I know about myself for all intents and purposes is that I am an over thinker. I’ve always been an over thinker even when I was a young child trying to decide which Barbie would Ken be best taking to a dance, which lollypop should I get and what about the others. If... Continue Reading →

Love YOU

Take care of you too, you matter the most! Avoid the things and the people that bring hurt and pain in to your life. You don't need that, you don't need extra stress and negativity. It is TOXIC! Make the right decisions for YOU. In order to love others you must first love yourself so stop... Continue Reading →


So guys I’ve recently turned 30 and to be honest other than the overwhelming feeling of being loved and completely spoiled on the day I don’t feel too much different. I remember being younger and always thinking people in their 30s were ancient and wow ‘she’s 30 she must be so strict and boring’ ha.... Continue Reading →

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