Lets Talk Babies

I have always known I wanted to be a mother. I am the youngest of six siblings and most of my brothers and sisters have kids so needless to say I have been around children for most of my life, watching my nieces and nephews grown up has been one of the most fulfilling things but to have my own baby now is just everything to me.

My husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for a family shortly after we got married, I did initiate the conversations it has to be said but when into your early thirties these talks really need to get moving even if the said husband isn’t as ready to pack up the party wagon as you are. Yes it took a little convincing that he may need to let go of some of his beer bender and all day lazy bed and pizza glory days but he got on board and is more than happy now that he did….. I’m sure 🙂

We were trying to get pregnant for about three or four months, something I wasn’t prepared for as I thought once you actually want it to happen then that one time is the charm. I was mistaken, there’s calculations involved (the day ovulation starts plus two days minus 16 hours, then and exactly then your egg is ready to accept its sperm), positions come into play, ya gotta lay upside down after with your legs in the air to make sure it all flows the right way, I mean I think I’ll need to take a course on it next time! I know everyone is different and 3/4 months really isn’t that long considering some people have a lot more trouble but its just one of the things that I didn’t expect.

The day arrived though when I finally saw the two beautiful lines on my pee covered plastic stick that I obviously saved in a zip lock food bag for years to come as one does! I told my husband who was struck with fear, excitement and panic and we began out reproduction journey.

First things first, make an appointment with the doctor so she could let us know the plastic stick was a valid result and how long I was carrying our little pea. I went into this pretty excited as I had already convinced myself that my baby was real and going to be perfect, the doctor confirmed it was real however she also went on to inform me not to get too excited as a lot pregnancies do not make full term and it may end in the coming weeks. Something maybe doctors are supposed to say as to prepare women for the worst, I’m not sure or did I just get her in a particularly bad day, needless to say if I do get blessed with another double lined pee stick again she will not be the doctor that is a part of that journey! I cant remember now how much it angered me at the time but even writing about it now I am a little annoyed with her choice of demeanor on my big news confirmation day but live and let live!

Luckily our baby grew perfectly in my womb cosy and warm until three days before his due date when he decided all the hot currys, intense squats and more pineapple than any one person needs to tolerate was enough and he made his way into the world.

Much more to talk about on that soon, lets call that next one ‘The Delivery’.


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