Wow how do you plan a wedding

AS you guys know I got engaged over the Christmas and we have actually set a date for early next year. Now with that date being a year away I thought I could relax and ease in to things but boy was I wrong I made some casual calls to bands and photographers who urge me to book as soon as possible as their dates are already starting to go for over a year away. It seems there are a lot of people getting married who are more organized than I could ever dream to be!

That being said there is a sense of fun and excitement in looking around and picking exactly what you want for your special day and a lot of the companies that I have come across will go the extra mile to try help you out so during the next few weeks I will list some of the places that are making this journey easier on me as a bride to be!

Stay tuned as this blog is going full on wedding mode!!! P.s this will also I’m sure come with the occasion freak out and bout of anxiety but this is a happy happy time and I will remember that always x


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