One thing I love to do at the weekend is something different and this weekend really fulfilled that. My boyfriend is in to his cars and his is a part of the Irish Subaru Drivers Club. This Sunday they were a feature club at Japfest in Mondello Park and their cars were displayed to the crowds of people that attend this yearly event. Now I’ll admit I didn’t know what Japfest was until I started dated my boyfriend who has educated me in all things cars so for those you who aren’t familiar with it, in a nutshell Japfest is Irelands biggest car show featuring Japenese cars on display as well as thrilling, heart stopping drift races.

The scene of this fantastic event is Mondello Park, home to Ireland’s only international motorsport venue in Co Kildare. Mondello is a circuit for car fanatics to go and enjoy driving experiences like no other from supercars, pro drifting to bike racing and daring track days. Events such as Drift Games and Rallycross championships are held here and it’s fair to say it is a great day out for all motorsport lovers. Check out the website below for more info on how you can get involved in the action

As an impartial viewer of this motorsport craze I was there to support my boyfriend and his club the ISDC (Irish Subaru Drivers Club) not unlike Japfest I also had no idea what the ISDC was until my boyfriend yet again educated me and brought me in to this more than welcoming group of Subaru lovers. Now not only do I know that ISDC clearly stands for Irish Subaru Drivers Club but I also know that my partner drives a Bugeye STI. Something I am sure he’d be proud of my knowing as before recent times I thought STI stood for only one thing… Yes we all know that is Subaru Techica International 😉

Each event I have been to that involves the ISDC I am even more blown away by the total professionalism of this humble group of enthusiasts. They really pull out all of the stops to ensure that they treat their members and their families to the most enjoyable day out and I can say first hand that they have only ever exceeding in doing this anytime I have tagged along and as the different events come I am increasingly more than willing to join in the festivities, dare I say I find myself looking forward to the next with great anticipation as it is not just a club it’s a community.

From the preparation of the marquees they set up to the bbqs they put on with more food and treats than you would ever need. Organising events seems to come like second nature to this great group of lads at this stage but not only do they do this for themselves they also hold charity events including the yearly Barretstown drive. The ISDC go to Barretstown Childrens Camp each year and bring the children out in their Subaru cars so that the kids can experience travelling in a performance car. This is just one of the many charity events the ISDC take part in, overall it’s a club to be honoured to represent. Being a member doesn’t just mean you have events to go to and bring your family to, you also have a very active online presence with the club. They have a forum for all things cars and always try to help each other out when asking for advice or looking for parts. Have a look around the website below for just some of what they have to offer and maybe you’ll want to get involved too J


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