The Sneeze

As the unpredictable Irish weather kicks in to autumn and we wave a meloncony farewell to the brief summer we were given I feel as though everything is finally back to normal. The school kids are back in their uniforms filling the buses until the driver is forced to pass stops and leave people standing cold, confused and shocked as it swiftly drives right by them. The traffic is once again congested on my way to work and with it the hustle and bustle of people running around too late to care how hard the push by you.

As if that wasn’t fun enough the dreaded sniffle is back and unfortunately I too have to hold my hands up high and admit to being an unwanted passenger on the bus L Take this morning for instance, I got on the bus at my stop as usual and feeling fine, low and behold there was actually one seat left so I took my place beside a young guy who moved slightly over to give me room. This was great I thought don’t have to stand for the 30 minute journey and have a nice guy sitting beside me ‘ah I can relax’. Oh No I feel a little trickle of water at my nose so I reach in to my pocket, grab a tissue and casually wipe my nose. Okay that’s not bad I put the tissue away, just a little sniff and Ill be fine. NOPE the rest of the journey was based around me reaching in and out of my pocket as discreetly as possible to find tissues to stop the watering of my nose and in between this an indiscreet sniff that must have been as loud as it was in my head because I could feel the guy beside me try to hug more against the window and further away from me than I’m sure was even possible.

I was that girl this morning, I was the girl that people look at with horror and think what is she doing on this bus she’s clearly sick ‘STAY AWAY’. I’ve thought this of many people before and I know the signs… One thing I am grateful for is that by some miracle I held in a sneeze the entire journey that is until just before my stop. I could feel it coming so I stood up to the relief of the man, I made my way to the door awaiting my stop so I could alight the bus before my nose exploded. We were stuck at lights, I could see my stop but the bus was not moving.

I had heard before if you touch the top of your pallet with your tongue it can stop you from sneezing so I did that as hard as I could but I could feel my eyes beginning to water now and I had to prepare so once again I reached for a tissue, I’m pretty sure I was sweating at this stage trying to contain my symptoms and pretend I was fine. The doors of the bus opened and I tried to thank the bus driver which is something we do in Ireland, I’m not sure if it’s to say thanks for coming to work today and doing your job or thanks for getting us here safely and not being involved in a high speed car chase either way its something I always do as I get off but today I could only muscle together a thumbs up and as I put one foot out and stepped on the ground the sneeze came. It was bad but I had made it off the bus and in to the fresh air which is something I am proud of.

Now I am at my desk in work and feeling fine again, I have no sniffles or cold symptoms. It’s the morning fever the autumn brings and I will more than likely start each morning like this so good luck to me on my sickly morning fever adventures and good luck to any poor soul who has to encounter me, apologises in advance!


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