Benefits of Cycling

I will be the first to admit that I don’t dedicate enough time to exercise, I’m just not one of the those people that likes going to the gym on a daily basis or doing classes in an over packed room. Somehow I manage to maintain a good healthy weight even through my binge eating days I think I just find it hard to put on weight which a lot of people would love yes but there are definitely down sides, I don’t try to not gain weight by any means in fact sometimes I try to eat the extra carbs to maintain a healthy weight. In my case it’s the inside that I worry about, people are always trying to lose weight and exercise or diet to see results but for me I want to be as healthy as I can possibly be on the inside.

That being said my go to exercise is cycling, I really enjoy being out in the fresh air able to go wherever I like with the wind blowing in my face and alone with my thoughts. I’ve listed below a couple of the benefits of cycling which I have found to be true:

Heart – Cycling is great for your heart and there are actually studies that prove this

Feel better about yourself – When I go for a cycle, whether it an hour long journey or just a quick circle around the block I can feel my body releasing all of those feel good hormones and without any persuasion a big smile is planted across my face.

It is fast transport – It would take me about 40 minutes to walk to my sister’s house and maybe 15 mins driving with traffic. When I cycle to hers I am there within 10 to 15 minutes!

Get a great sleep – I find on days that I have been out for a cycle later that night I can switch off and fall in to a deep sleep within mere minutes of my head hitting the pillow

I’ve just touched on a couple of things that I have noticed since picking up this fun and healthy habit. Another exercise that I would love to get in to is yoga. It’s definitely on my list so I plan to find a good place to go and learn in the near future and I will keep everyone updated J


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