Just shut it off

One thing I know about myself for all intents and purposes is that I am an over thinker. I’ve always been an over thinker even when I was a young child trying to decide which Barbie would Ken be best taking to a dance, which lollypop should I get and what about the others. If I eat the last ice pop then what will I do if I want one later or if someone else wanted it, should I be the one to take it, should it be now and then what will happen if I do… Seriously children just should not be worrying about silly things like that but I did and still to this day I do. I am guilty at times of not living in the moment…

The plain and simple truth is in my life right now is not a lot is happening, its been a quite few weeks with day to day things getting done and not a whole lot else and I am even over thinking that. I mean why, what is there to even over think. I try to come up with reasons but in all honestly I am literally just over thinking nothing in life and it actually hurts my head! I try to stop I really do, I try to shut my brain off to think of peacefulness and nice happy thoughts but instead I find myself racking my brain for something anything to over analyse and stress about.

I’m going out for dinner with friends later so my brain is over thinking this until the point of me being anxious, I have a fun holiday coming up so yes that’s right its time for my brain to over think that for the next month until the holiday seems the farthest from fun as it possibly can get.

I do this to myself but what I want to know is WHY and how the heck can I stop myself. Stop myself, that’s exactly it I need to literally just stop. When I feel myself becoming anxious or overthinking something to much I will instead think of all the fun and great possibilities this event/anything can bring and maybe then I can chill out a bit…. Carpe Diem people, Seize the Day!


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