In the words of Janet Jackson ‘The Best Things in Life Are Free’

What matters most to you? Is it your phone, your make up, your car?! Or is it coming home to your mums cooking, to your family that love and care for you. Is it getting a warm embrace from a friend and seeing the people you care about be happy. Would you trade your make up to have another dance with your father or to share a heart-warming caring moment with your best friend? I know for sure that I would trade in my car to see my mother smile again even just once!

Material possessions are great, but happiness doesn’t come from the items we own.

So put down the tablets, the smart phones, the game consoles. Get outside go for a walk, a bike ride. On a raining day take out old board games and remember how much fun it used to be when we really communicated through fun past times, when we shared enjoyable moments together. Enjoy life again without the screen, come out from behind the camera and open your eyes to the magic and beauty of life. Live in the moment!

We take so much for granted nowadays, the precious things such as trust, friendship, love, etc. I get it and I know not everything in life is free and we need money to survive this is true I know this. A small example of an item that is free and people aren’t utilizing this is our local libraries, a source of thousands of books and audio tapes, a source for education and self-development. There are so many things we can get for free when we really think about it. But do we really need everything we ‘want’ to buy? Are we pushing each other away for temporary luxuries?

What is important to you and are you making the most of it now while you still can?! Find the people special to you and make sure they know just how special they are 🙂


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