Coming from Ireland there are a few things that we don’t know exist straight away and are maybe a little behind the times, so on that note just recently I was introduced to an amazing show called The Real.

Well it is in its 4th season and oh man are these girls some of the most helpful and humorous girls on TV. YES YES I think they are! Familiar face of Tamera Mowry-Housley and the cheetah girl herself Adrienne Houghton are joined by Loni Love and Jeannie Mai, all ever inspiring in their own way. For the first few seasons they were joined by Tamar Braxton and some guest hosts including the pretty fine Mowry brother Mr Tahj Mowry.


The basic premise of this show is girl chat, they discuss popular issues and literally just chat, they throw their opinions in to the mix and talk amongst themselves like dare I say it normal girls that are actually friends. They are so respectful of each other and any of the topics/people they are talking about.

So many times during watching this incredible show I have burst out in to fully blown out loud laughter, you know that uncontrollable tried to be held in and come out through the nose snort. I have been caught doing this several times on public transport. I’ve had to actually press pause on the show until I have controlled myself. Please to everyone out there just watch even part of an episode and I know you will be hooked. From the start where they come out on stage dancing to the now ever stuck in my head song This is Our Time – Matthew Gerrard ‘Starting right now, right now, right now, right now. It’s our life, we’ve got a choice’

I love the honesty of these girls and all the new information that they have provided me with, I feel like a walking encyclopaedia after listening to some of the things these guys have to say. I will let you know though the raw, true feelings that the girls express will sometimes have you seriously chocked up and tears may stream down your face but they are so relatable, what they say is so real you find yourself gaining more strength. The girls let you in to their lives and through sharing some of their experiences you think of your own and the wise words they have to say can always help others.


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      1. Oh, that would be a great recipe to share. I was in Dublin in May and I was trying to find a good tea type place to go to… where you can sit and enjoy the scenery and have tea with scones or lemon meringue pie. FINALLY, I found “Powerscourt Center.” They had some nice restaurants, cafe there. Are they any other places I can go to in Dublin that are nice like that?


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