So guys I’ve recently turned 30 and to be honest other than the overwhelming feeling of being loved and completely spoiled on the day I don’t feel too much different.

I remember being younger and always thinking people in their 30s were ancient and wow ‘she’s 30 she must be so strict and boring’ ha. I’d like to think I’m not that boring or strict and it’s all just one big misconception! I remember thinking to myself ‘oh when I’m 30 I’m gonna have a big house, a big family and a great job’. For me another misconception ha: P I am the proud owner of a house with my boyfriend so that’s definitely something as for the family and great job, not so much. In fairness we’re not ready for kids yet as we have a busy fun life at the moment and to give that up just yet in exchange for lack of sleep, loss of freedom and changing of diapers just isn’t in our interest but I 100% want all of that one day. The job, I have a good secure job, I don’t make as much money as I’d like which is something I would love to change as soon as possible but for now I have to try to be content with where I am at the moment. Maybe that is something that actually does change when you get to turning 30. You start to value different things such as career advancement, having a savings account for important things for the future and the realization that you will accomplish things if you work hard enough for them.

Turning 30 really isn’t so bad, my body hasn’t sagged and my world hasn’t imploded. I had an amazing holiday with my boyfriend for my birthday then when we came home celebrated with our families and all of our close friends, it was such an amazing time.

The most important thing about turning 30 is that you won’t actually have everything all figured out by the time you turn 30 and guess what? THAT’S OKAY.

Live life to the fullest every day and enjoy it all.


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