As I grow older some of my interests seem to have changed for example when I was younger I used to love sitting down and binge watching almost any reality TV show from Jersey Shore to Keeping up with the Kardashians and everything in between. Although in the last few years such shows as these I would never even think about paying any type of attention to that is until now when finally a show has actually brought in a nice down to earth normal timid human being by way of Camilla on Love Island.

I can pretty much guarantee that the good ratings and interest are mainly down to her. These shows are supposed to be about finding something special for yourself, not money nor fame but a true connection with another person and whilst I imagine that the ‘reality’ of the show may not be entirely there I will just believe in it today for arguments sake.

A true genuine person has hit our reality TV screens and her happiness is now what half of the nation wants. A random girl most have never met before is now in hearts nationwide and people are rutting for this unknown person. I can’t help but be uplifted by this and think how nice it is that something real may be coming out of a show like this instead of showmances and fame or money hungry attention seekers. Great work from the producers for putting a different spin on a in my opinion tired and overdone franchise.

Well done Love Island, you’ve got my attention again for now!


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