Book Review!!!

I’m doing a book review… Why you may ask? Because for the first time in as long as I can remember I picked up a book and literally could not put it down. From start to finish I was hooked, I mean zombie like engrossed in the written word from someone who’s humour knows no bounds. This girl has talent and her brilliant mind exceeds her tiny body. Whom it is that I am referring to? The all singing, all dancing all everything comedic flare that is Anna Kendrick.

You may think I’ve gone a little over the top with the compliments and I’m sure her humbly modest mind would be making her face blush at the very thought of being virtually bowed down to but I really must take my hat off to her. Scrappy Little Nobody gives a small glimpse into the life of a charming, hard-working and slightly awkward relatable normal girl. Well on her way to world domination through her infectious laughter, her amazing voice and dare I say it intelligent wit.

Anna shares her real life stories and did not shy away from the pressures or struggles of money and fame or even love. Experiences from early stages of childhood to the present day, her family and all in between we hear about it all and there are even pictures to go with it.

I do not know her personally but her kind heartedness shines though in this page turning memoir. I did once see an interview of hers on the Ellen show where she joked about there being nothing that Justin Timberlake can’t do, well I’m afraid once you put your mind to something Ms Kendrick you’ll find there is not a whole lot that you can’t do. Needless to say I was super impressed by this book and it almost made me want to take reading up as a hobby, I just need to find something as captivating as the life of a Scrappy Little Nobody.


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