Pay it forward

A simple scent can unlease a world of memories

I got this perfume gift set as a Christmas present from my boyfriends grandmother a year or two ago. A sweet gift and very thoughtful of her to think of me at Christmas time however I’m sure unbeknownst to her it was actually such a sentimental present for me too. This was the perfume that my mum always wore. I don’t wear it myself but sometimes I love to lay on my bed and just take a sniff of the spray in the lid. So many memories come flowing back instantaneously. It’s almost as if I’m being brought back in time, travelling through years and catching glimpses of my beautiful mum like a throwback photo or video in my mind and it’s amazing.

It’s such a great gift to take time for someone else and show that you’re thinking of them. Even something small can mean so very much, more than one can ever know.

A simple gesture, a simple thought, a simple scent… 


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