Fuel for Thought

A friend of mine once said that each and every day can capture a beautiful moment. No matter where you are or what you are doing there is pure beauty to be found…

Be it through peaceful scenery on a fresh walk, the laughter made between friends and families, so many things can open ours eyes up to picturesque happiness.

This is something that I will endeavour to appreciate more every day, I will stop and realise how lucky I am to be in each and every moment and I will cherish it. Life can throw a variety of obstacles our way but it is how we look at those obstacles and the way we approach them that defines how we let them affect us.

Sometimes I let the smallest of things about work or people in my life have such a negative effect on me and I let myself become immersed in anger or upset when I should be looking at the bigger picture and being thankful for everything I have. This outlook is so healthy to have but not always the first reaction.

A simple smile can change everything, your mood, your demeanour and even how the rest of your day may unfold.

Learn to smile more and be thankful to be exactly where you are!


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