Clash Royale

I’m not really a gamer but my partner is and he is completely addicted to a game on his phone called Clash Royale. He has been playing this game for well over a year at least now, pretty much every single day so I thought to myself ‘wow this must be the most amazing game in the world, I’ll have to try it’.

I’m sorry to the people as obsessed with this game as my partner is but seriously what’s the big whoop?! I installed the game about a year ago and after a pathetic failed attempt to get in to it I deleted it about 2 or 3 weeks later. Then recently after watching my partner have endless hours of fun/frustration with it again I reinstalled the app on my phone and tried to give it another real hearty try. After a few months with it now I’m still dumfounded as to why this game takes up so much of people’s time. My personal experience so far with Clash Royale summed up in 6 thoughts:

1) The challenges can be pretty damn unfair, I am a level 5 and I often get pegged up against level 6 and level 7s. It is a very rare occurrence that I am ever up against someone of a lower lever or even a level 5 like myself.

2) Yes I understand that these apps need to make money so people can buy and upgrade etc etc but I personally feel that the people that spend their money on better troops should only be able to play other people that also spend money to upgrade. Leave us poor fun loving peeps to enjoy the game at a slightly lower standard or fairly earn a place in the higher ranked arenas

3) I’m trying to put a positive in here so… It is great that this is a free app and it doesn’t restrict people that don’t pay for upgrades

4) There is a huge platform on you tube for gamers with an interest in Clash Royale to share knowledge and entertain fans which is good because it’s like active learning. (Big fan base, creating opportunities for vlogs etc)

5) It does take skill and patience to get good at this game so it’s not a mindless app

6) Some people make faces and taunt on the app and this really angers me, sorry you’re two levels above me with much better troops and I can’t compete with that but no need to be rude! Take your trophies and fudge off!

All in all I don’t think I’ll last too much longer playing as I just can’t take the inequality of some battles or the taunts but I guess for people with more patience than I it’s not the worst thing they could be doing online!


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