Ways to help cure a hangover

Some weekends I tend to indulge in a few beers with my friends, it keeps my social life very active however as the years go by I feel like I am less able to enjoy a night out on the town. Yes I enjoy it in the moment but oh boy the next day is definitely a different story! While I still like to have drinks in moderation I have decided to cut it back a little bit, I’ve also prepared a list of simple ways to concur the hangover. They may not work for everyone but this method has proven invaluable to me:
So the number one most important thing for the day and night of drinking and the following day is


H2O – Keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential. Having water in between alcoholic drinks is a great trick as it helps to slow your drinking down and helps maintain water in our bodies.


The main cure for a hangover is time… The night of drinking when you go to sleep although you are resting your body sometimes you are not getting a well-rested sleep and sleep deprivation can make a hangover worse so if you need to stay in a bed a little longer and make sure you get the most out of sleep.

Before bed I like to take a dioralyte sachet to try replenish the minerals and salts my body has lost while drinking alcohol.


Getting out of the house and going for a nice walk works wonders for me. The fresh air helps clear my head and a small bit of exercise can be a good thing as it helps boast endorphin levels and gives me a mental high.

This one I can sometimes struggle with but it’s so vital to eat the next day. Even if it seems like the worst idea ever your body needs it. Drinking can deplete potassium levels so a banana is great to have the morning after. Eggs are also another great option as they contain taurine which has been shown to reverse liver damage caused by alcohol.

These are just some of the things that I feel help me, I’m sure there are a lot more home remedies and cures for the dreaded hangover. Something else I might start to try also is taking the car with me more, when I know I have the car I won’t touch a drop of drink and I can avoid the fear while still having fun with my friends…


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