You Define You!!!

You make your own definitions. WOW! I heard this on a you tube channel lately and it really resonated with me. In order to truly love you need to you love yourself and be happy in who you are and what you are doing AND you are the only person who controls all of that. Mind blowing I know!

A favourite you tuber of mine recently asked a great question… If you could know when you were going to die and how would you want to know? This was pretty simple for me to answer – YES I would want to know when I was going to die if I could. The reason is pretty simple too, I want to live life to its fullest, I want to achieve all that I dream of or at least most of my dreams in the short time that we all have. I know I would want to get married and have children so I may have to speed that up too ha. I am however big on saving, I like to make sure I have enough money for the future but what if the future isn’t as long as I want it to be. Then I thought woah that could get me in to a lot of trouble, if I knew I was going to die in a relatively short amount of time I think I might dip into my savings. I’d take a once in a lifetime trip, I would travel America and see everything I’ve dreamed about seeing. Sounds amazing right, but what if when the time came, the day of your death and it didn’t actually happen, well then I would probably be a broke mother with little left but memories. Is that so bad? For me who is an avid planner and saver and organiser its terrifying but in all that I would have done with my final time I know I wouldn’t have changed as a person. I would still have the amazing family and friends that fill my life with warmth every day and I would have the sense and the strength that I brought up with and taught myself along the way.

Hmm basically I guess in a around about way I’m saying why am I wanting to learn when I’m going to pass away to fulfil my dreams, why not live in the present and start now. One thing I love is reaching out to people, making new amazing friends and touching each others lives in positive ways, I think that is part of the reason I started blogging. Speaking of things like this fills my heart and helps me to define who I am and where I want to go in life. Thanks to you tuber Nicole Pacent and Cammie Scott for sharing your stories and opening my eyes and my heart to new feelings and revelations. Maybe you guys can learn from these incredible women too.


19 thoughts on “You Define You!!!

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  1. I love the idea of defining myself. It’s easy to feel a bit swept by the current! Not sure I’d want to know when I’m going to die though.. I guess the key is to live as much like we might die tomorrow as is reasonable without sending us into a hoop of debt!

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  2. This was really inspiring! I started blogging because I wanted to make new friends with people from all over the world and meeting cool people and you are definitely one of them!! I really enjoyed reading this article ❤
    Have a great day! (:

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  3. I think this is a really wonderful and thought provoking post. One thing I worry about and fear is growing old and regretting that I didn’t do more with my life, that I squandered it and didn’t achieve anything that means anything meaningful to me or my family.

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