The power of song

Whenever I feel just awful, like my world is for some reason somehow about to collide even if I’m overthinking the entire situation or I really am in the depths of bitter despair the one thing I can count on to help me is song. It doesn’t have to be me singing, I can listen to some amazing artists like Delta Goodrem or Whitney Houston, I can sit and cry or stare in to a far off space and my thoughts will separate they will become clear without me even trying to control them or to even think, I will gain a better vision. I’m not sure how this happens I guess the music touches me on a really deep level and suddenly I wont feel as bad, I’m not saying all of my problems will magically be solved no but I ill gain the ability to control my inner strength again. I love to sing, its a passion of mine so if I do feel myself slipping a little bit for whatever reason I know I can go to a safe space and just belt a favourite song out and within a few short moments I’m grinning from ear to ear, I’m dancing around, I’m alive!!!


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