Over the weekend I went on a trip to Galway, at only a couple of hours drive from Dublin it was a great choice as there are so many fun things to do and it is such a stunning place.

Galway is home to the Galway Races Summer Festival held between the 31July and 6th August 2017. It is a joyous, fun-filled seven days of betting, drinking and just having a great time filled with new experiences. It is a very busy and famous event which also includes Ladies Day on Thursday and a competition for the best dressed and most elegant hat so ladies if you’re heading there remember to have your best glad rags on and a uniquely designed hat for your chance to compete in this years exciting event.

Galway Races

We visited Salthill and Eyre Square, two of the most popular attractions in Galway. Salthill was so much fun and definitely worth a visit, it’s a child friendly place full of amusements and casinos as well as delicious cafes and of course ice cream shops. I indulged in a 99 ice cream with a flake, possibly the biggest ice cream I’ve ever seen and amazingly creaming, I got to enjoy this treat while sitting at the edge of the beach watching the calm waves of the sea. Salthill is a really popular place and although it was very busy it didn’t seem too packed. We went to a amusement centre called Sea Point where we spent hours playing different games and collecting tickets in order to pick up a prize at the ticket transfer shop. Some prizes were actually really good considering they all come from playing the games but you need at least 100 tickets to get a nice prize. I think we managed to win about 300 tickets and got lovely lucky Irish charms and a teddy bear, I was very happy with this being the big kid that I am. The shop has a lot of prizes to choose from but the best ones will cost you about 3000 + tickets which might take about 8 hours and a lot of mulla to get.

Mini Golf

After our hours of fun playing games we decided to go to for a romantic stroll around the town, the sun was shining and the people were all so friendly. It was the most relaxing feeling walking along the coast hand in hand with the breeze softly brushing our faces. I long for moments like this and the funny thing is the best moments like this are free!

Once we soaked up everything we could from Salthill we took a 10 minute drive to Eyre Square. The two towns are totally different, Eyre Square is full of retail shops, pubs, restaurants and a unique marketplace. Along the streets you’ll also find talented buskers showing off their singing and guitar playing skills as well as some funny characters that make you’re visit even more entertaining. We stopped in a quant bar for some drinks and nibbles, sat at the window and enjoyed an hour of people watching, which is a great hobby of mine. I love to look at the crowds walking by and create interesting stories for them in my head. We also visited a great bar called Fibber Magees in Eyre Square, cheap drinks and great atmosphere. Later we headed back to hotel where we had a fabulous meal and after a long day of exploring we were happy to get our heads down.

I highly recommend a visit to Galway which lays in the West of Ireland for a unique fun packed holiday. We only visited a small number of attractions but waiting in this stunning coastal location you will find museums, the National Aquarium, castles to explore, Connemara National Park lots more hidden gems and a fantastic nightlife ready to experience.

Happy Travelling friends!!!


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