Why blog?!

Truth be told bogging is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be…

When I first decided to create this blog and start to put all of my thoughts and life experiences down in writing I thought wow this will be great for me, I loved the idea of releasing my thoughts in to words and having them as visual inspiration. While this still remains true I also thought yeah sparing a half an hour or so a day to gather my thoughts would be easy Id definitely get at least one piece done every single day and this my friends is where I was wrong. Life gets in the way a lot more than I thought it would, I have access to this page on my computer as well as on my phone and yet I can not get what I want to say down every single day.

I think constructing my thoughts in to words legible on paper is a bigger task than I anticipated. Maybe sometimes I don’t push myself enough to do so though which is something I plan to work on. I don’t do this for anyone but myself as it feels therapeutic for me so when I see no one has read it that’s okay although I have started to think to myself I wonder what people would like to read. I have become slightly concerned with the content as in what would other people like me to write about. This however was never my intent, honestly I’m not concerned about having a huge following list but at the same time I would like what I say to be some what interesting.

So why continue to blog? Well its actually an easy decision for me and here are just a few simple reasons why:

1)I’m very fresh to all of this and I am hoping that it is normal to have different feelings when you immerse yourself in to the blogging world

2) I love feeling free to sit and type without even thinking, just letting everything flow and basically clearing my head a little

3) Being part of a community of people with the same interests and getting a insight to other peoples thoughts and dreams inspires me

4) Maybe I too can inspire other people

5) Although there are some ups and downs to it all when I read a comment on my page or see someone has liked what I’ve had to say I really builds up my confidence and I cant help but smile and want to share more

6) I’m learning more about planning and organising my thoughts and my time which benefits me greatly

7) I do it because I want to and I enjoy it 🙂

Also thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give the page a follow and for those who leave feedback I am so grateful. I love to write and I feel doing this is making me a better writer and more conscience of my own thoughts and experiences. I love to hear from other bloggers too so reading your stuff will always be something that keeps me and this blog going so keep being amazing dreamers x


8 thoughts on “Why blog?!

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  1. I wholeheartedly. Maintaining a blog can get pretty damn difficult. I struggled so hard to blog 3 times a week in April. And sometimes I feel like just throwing it in and not even bothering. But then I get those days where blogging can make me ridiculously happy. Feel engaged. So yes, definitely worth while continuing. My opinion anyway 😉


  2. I totally get what you are feeling. I too startet blogging recently and sometimes it is hard to keep going when there are so few people looking at your posts or when you don’t have as much time as you would need. I just discovered your blog today but what I read really inspired me so keep going! I don’t write much myself, I mainly take photos and post them but I love other blogs like yours.

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