Who am I?

So a little about me. Well for those of you who have not yet guessed I am indeed a girl! I am still young, I do enjoy a few social drinks at the weekend in the local pub. Although let me be the first to tell you that my night clubbing days are well and truly over, not just because I can no longer keep up with the younger generation but I also lack a little thing called rhythm and while rhythm is a dancer I unfortunately am not. I find myself at more weddings and thirtieth birth parties now a days and even a few of my close friends have started their child bearing journeys. An experience that Id love to have one day but maybe not for another year or two.

I’m from Ireland and I love it, I love the culture, having a laugh or ‘the craic’ as we call it, I love the beauty of Ireland and being able to hop in the car and explore so many new places within just a few hours drive. The people here are so friendly and while he weather isn’t always great you can beat that when there’s even a hint of sunshine we really know how to enjoy it. I left Ireland once in my early twenties just so I could do some travelling and see different places Id only ever dreamt about. I was never going for longer than a year and it was always my plan to return home and settle here in my hometown of Dublin which I did exactly that. After a year of traveling Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and America I came home after a career break from work resumed my job and after a few years fell in love with the most amazing partner ever. He’s not only my soul mate his is my very best friends and we bought a house together. Its an old house so we’ve been a lot of improvements to it and pretty much putting every last penny we have in to it but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

I have a big family, I’m the youngest of six. I lost my mam at a young age and without the support of my family I really have no idea where I’d be, we were all there for each other through those dark days and so strong because of it. They say you cant choose your family but given the choice I’d take every single one of them!


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