I love my phone :(

So this morning on my way in to work I did something that I don’t usually do, I took my head out of my phone and placed the phone in my pocket for the entire bus journey.

It’s interesting to see the vast amount of people that are indeed the same as me with their eyes glued to their phone and ear plugs in their ears. It was actually quite a scary realisation! Some barely even altered when another person got up from a seat beside them or asked to press the button at the next stop, it’s as if we’re robots immersed in the culture of electrons. How can we have become so disconnected with the real world and over such a short period of time too, the invention of the smart phone has almost wiped our memory clear of just what it was like before technology. The even scarier thing is that I don’t want to give up my smart phone, I can’t turn my back on Google, it is shocking and it makes me laugh slightly but it has happened, technology rules the word!

This morning though on my way to work I got to look out the window and see colourful trees, people cycling, walking even jogging. I saw the river that I apparently pass every day, big buildings and just the world passing me by. Without my ear plugs in I could hear the traffic, people chatting, I could take in so much of life and so I vow for at least twenty minutes in the morning time while I sit on the bus and make my journey in to work to put my phone away and be free from mobile devices. I vow to reconnect with the world and with my surroundings. I will put my phone away for those few minutes I will be happy and content in the beauty of life.

Maybe you’ll try to do the same?!


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