Meal Prep

Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a foodie blog with nutritional advice and meal guidance but I did need to share as I am feeling very accomplished!

So one thing I’m not very good at is prepping meals for the week. I often find myself at my desk with hunger pains because I didn’t bring in food and I’m a) either too lazy to go out and get something or b) have no idea what I want and usually end up waiting till the last minute then going to get some terrible grease filled snack or the good ole trusty sausage rolls filled with needless amounts of salt and god only knows what else.

Some days though I’ll have food in with me like left over dinner from the night before or I’ll have actually prepped everything from breakfast to lunch and snacks in between. This is a less common occurrence however but I am happy to announce that today I am prepared! Last night I meal prepped for the first time in a while and here’s what I’ve got.

These fabulous egg muffins which I made four of and last me for 2 days kept in the fridge (2 per day)

3 eggs
Handful of small pieces of ham
3 finely chopped mushrooms
Salt and Pepper

Mix the above together and pour evenly into muffin tin, I use a silicone muffin tray as is so much easier to slide the egg muffins out when cooked. Put in oven at 190 degrees for about 25 mins or until golden brown, take out and let cool before putting them in the fridge over night to enjoy on the way to work or throughout the day. I prefer to eat them cold but can also be warmed up in the microwave. The above is my favourite ingredients to use but you can really use just about anything your heart desires.

So I’ve got two of those for this morning then I’ve porridge for my morning break and a banana which I’ll probably add in to my porridge, Yummy.

For snacks I have carrot sticks and hummous which I made myself by blending chick peas and lime juice until reaching a smooth full texture
Lunch is left over chicken and pasta and I have some nuts for an after lunch snack before home time

I am incredibly proud of this meal prep for today, hopefully I’ll be as prepped tomorrow but I do already have my egg muffins for tomorrow and plenty of carrot and celery sticks, hummous and nuts in separate boxes ready for every day this week :


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