Want to know what I love?

I love that Love IS Louder. There’s so much negativity and unnecessary hurt in the world today. We’ve lost track of ourselves not only in our day to day mannerisms but now with this online trend that’s taking over this world. A place where bullies can hid behind their social media accounts and send out harmful blasts of abuse and rage. It’s not uncommon these days to be a target of negativity, to feel sad or mistreated. BUT guess what You Are NOT Alone!

In 2010 Brittany Snow co-founded Love is Louder along with Courtney Knowles of the Jed Foundation, this amazing movement brings a voice to all of the people that have been bullied and scared by the hurt caused by others. Love is Louder helps drown out the negative thoughts inside our own minds and shows us that there is love and support out there. There is a whole community of love and support that can’t be brought down, a community were kindness is at the heart of every day, people taking time to understand each other and simply talk with respect.

This community stands for togetherness and you too can join and help spread positivity, its easy simply click the below link to subscribe and grow together with amazing people from all over the world

To learn more about the movement click HERE and remember that Love is louder than hurtful words, love is louder than negativity, love is louder than hate… Love is ALWAYS Louder.


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