Tell me you’re not guilty of procrastinating at least once in your life and I’ll tell you you’re lying.

Things happen, your dealing with life then all of a sudden life gets in the way and you find yourself lying on the side of your bed starring in to thin air completely spaced out for what you thought was all of 10 seconds. But no the minutes go on while you know in your head you need to move your body and take control again but its impossible to break the mindless stare you’ve found yourself in, maybe this is what you’re supposed to be doing at this moment in time. No again you need to run your many errands and stay motivated.

I literally just had this lapse in judgement at work where I thought to myself I should be typing this important document right now instead of maintaining an unbroken stare at the desk while resting my stiff fingers on the keypad as if ready to jump into a literal typing frenzy. Then pouf my mind comes back to me I break my stare and all of a sudden my fingers loosen and begin to rapidly type again. I have to laugh sometimes at this, what happened there, where did I go for those few moments….

Does this happen to other people often, are you even aware of it ?


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