What a beautiful picture the ocean is, I could stand near the crashing waves for hours with the fresh sea breeze passing through my hair and the wind slightly touching my face.

One of my favourite quotes actually from an amazing movie called A Walk To Remember is ‘Love is like the Wind, I can’t see it but I can feel it’. It funny how words can warm up your insides and make you glow providing an unprompted smile across your face. Even if just for a few moments its true inner peace and maybe not even a thought crosses your mind, you release everything and be one with nature.

If I close my eyes now I can take myself to that place, forget my surroundings and be silent in time. I’m not hugely into meditation but I have done it a couple of times, I’ve gone to classes to practice it and while the feeling tingles my body its not something that I practice daily. If anyone would like to try it though a few first simple steps I would suggest are the following:

I. Find a peaceful place if you can, away from distraction

2. Sit up straight and relax your muscles and close your eyes

3. Let go of all of your frustration and focus on one thing only, your breathe

4. Breathe deeply and think about how each breathe feels as it enters your nose, fills your lungs and releases through your mouth

5. If your mind wonders that’s okay just slowly refocus and maybe even count each breathe as you beginning to feel it again (Learning to refocus is helpful in stressful situations)

Another type of mediation method I sometimes use when I cant find a quiet spot usually in the office is hand clench –

1. Make a fist with either hand (I tend to use my left although am right handed)

2. As you focus on your clenched fists, think about why you are stressed

3. While you reflect on your stress, really notice the contraction of your muscles. Feel the tips of your fingers reach your tightly gripped palm.

4. Take your time and slowly begin to release as if in slow motion.

5.Notice your fingers uncurling, and feel the trickle of letting go all through your arms, up to your shoulders and even feel the warmth in your heart

6.Repeat as many times as needed, preferably a minimum of three sets and remember the gift of letting go.


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