What are dreams made of?

What are dreams anyway?! For me dreams are ideas, they’re places you see yourself or things that you long for. Whilst you rest a period of story like thoughts go through your head, I’m not a scientist so I don’t know why this happens but for most people they wont remember the dreams they have when they are asleep unless they wake up during them.

Dreams can also be spontaneous involuntary flashes of your daily events or people in your life and what you might like to happen, they can even be unexplainable occurrences. Dreams can also be something you plan for, something you strive towards and something that you long to reach for so you make a plan to get there. I dream of winning the lotto so I do the lotto every week, I’ve not won it yet but I still play just in case. I also dream of one day having my own house so I save and I work hard towards my dream or goal in this circumstance.

I’ve even lived out some of my dreams, I’ve gone travelling, I’ve found my dream guy and I’ve had amazing days that only dreams are made.

I am a dreamer and it makes me happy to be a dreamer. I will never give up on my dreams 🙂


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