EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum

Believe it or not over the centuries millions of people have left the beautiful island of Ireland. There are so many different reasons for this dating back to the early ages when people simply couldn’t find work and migrated to Britain among other places, this even happened before the mass exodus of the Famine years (1845-1849). During the famine also known as the Great Hunger or the Irish Potato Famine in places outside of Ireland, the reason to depart Ireland was just that there was a potato blight. Ireland was on the verge of starvation, its population rapidly increasing, three-quarters of Irelands labourers now unemployed due to the blight, with people being weaker housing conditions appalling and the standard of living unbelievably low. There was only one thing for people to do in order to at least try to survive and that was to flew the country, find jobs and a better life for their family. Most of the survivors who choose to leave Ireland made the journey to America where it was clear a new life could be a possibility.

Although this was possibly the most extreme case of emigration dated back centuries still to this day people are leaving this beautiful country. Some reasons remain similar throughout the centuries one being the lack of sustainable employment in Ireland to meet the raising housing and living costs. More recently especially in young people the country of choosing for us is Australia, we can see a good viable life there and that is all that we want. One thing about the Irish that I am certain is that we work hard and we strive for what we want.

The Irish Emigration Museum is currently operating from The chq Building in Dublin’s Docklands. A visit to this scenic arena will transport you through the decades and give you an insight of the lengths Irish people went through to ensure a healthy stable life. A direct quote from this extraordinary exhibit – It will inspire and guide you on a journey to discover the stories of Irish emigration around the world, from early times to the modern day. Take a step inside Irish culture, open your heart and mind with interactive creations that will not disappoint. See more at EPIC


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