Why Meditate?


Celebrities with depth

There are some people we may see on TV or in magazines that catch out attention and for some unknown reason we are drawn to them. Maybe it's their nice hair or clothes or the way they hold themselves or maybe it's the side of their personality that we see that we can relate to... Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt exhausted but you’re not really sure why exactly. Do I really have any right to feel this way? I am not a mother, nor do I have an incredibly hard labour intensive job, I got a good sleep last night… What is it that is making me feel so tired and... Continue Reading →


Sometimes people ask me how I am okay and maybe they think that because my mam had depression and took her life that I might be the same. There are so many misconceptions of what depression is and how it works, it’s not contagious and you can’t get it through other people… Yes of course... Continue Reading →

For My Friend

A young boy when I met him Some said slightly rough indeed Never did I question As he was always nice to me The years moved on so quickly And a man he did become With a hidden heart of kindness Though he treated himself with none A man he was yet still too young... Continue Reading →

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