The Delivery (trigger read with caution)

So we all know Covid 19 or 'the Pandemic', its been a tough and awful two years for most of us. Its been trying and its been just a rollercoaster of emotions. During the emotional rollercoaster I was on my own baby coaster. The Pandemic started in Feb/March 2020 and my due date was April... Continue Reading →

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Lets Talk Babies

I have always known I wanted to be a mother. I am the youngest of six siblings and most of my brothers and sisters have kids so needless to say I have been around children for most of my life, watching my nieces and nephews grown up has been one of the most fulfilling things... Continue Reading →

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Life Has Changed

WOW, 2017 was the last time I posted here! The last things I started to write about was my boyfriend proposing to me and us planning the wedding, spoiler alert, it went ahead and we are still happily riding the marital wave! Life has changed in the last five years though! I got a new... Continue Reading →

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Guided River

The storm has calmed The air is clear Not a cloud up in the sky Yet people move as if there was no tremble No dark clouds had there been They face the world head held high Their strength felt and seen I am amongst these people The brave and the strong Living up to... Continue Reading →

The beat of passion

Something happens to me sometimes it’s like my body goes slightly numb bar my heart, I can feel every beat it makes as if it’s in slow motion and everything else is non-existent. I think it is when I am truly passionate about something and thinking about that subject, really imagining my dreams and in... Continue Reading →

Survived the storm with help

As the snow begins to thaw on what was a beautiful white blanket which lay across parts of Ireland the reality of getting back to ‘normal’ is setting in. Most countries are well equip to deal with a snow storm such as Storm Emma but unfortunately Irelands capital Dublin was one of many counties that... Continue Reading →

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